Travel and Entertainment Card Reference Guide

Pre-trip requests must be submitted and approved in Concur prior to using the T&E card.

  • Select Concur from R’ Space
  • Select Requests on the front page.
  • Enter trip details, estimated expenses for trip, and COA.
  • Trip must be approved prior to purchase of expenses.
  • Email notification of approval from Concur system will be sent, or check Concur for updates.

Only appropriate expenses are allowed to be purchased on T&E card

  • Business expenses, including air and auto transportation, hotel, and meals are allowed.
  • Do not purchase office supplies or furniture.
  • For list of allowable expenses see T&E Card Payment Matrix.

Lodging and M&IE Reimbursement Cap

  • See Appendix B UC Travel Policy G-28
  • Daily meal limit of $79 applies (Continental USA). As a reminder, this amount includes the cost of food and beverages, labor, sales tax, service, and delivery charges.
  • Be cautious of charged transactions that can be posted to the next day, this will affect the daily amount for the day.

Expense Reports

  • Once an expense has been charged to the T&E card and the amount is reflected in Concur, the travel expense report can be created (from the Approved Pre-Trip Request). The expense(s) can now be linked to the expense report. This will stop reoccurring email notifications that indicate there are unassigned T&E credit card transactions that need to be assigned.
    • For example, this can happen if a registration is paid two months in advance and the expense report has not been created yet. In this case, the traveler would create an expense report and assign the registration as part of the report and not submit it until the trip has concluded.
  • The statement cycle closes on the 25th of each month.
  • Business expenses that are charged to university funds must be reported within 30 days of the trip or completion date.

For questions regarding this reference guide please contact Angelica Bazan or Carla Urmeneta.