Flyer for our 2018 Women in Medicine event

Graphic Design


On a case-by-case basis, Strategic Initiatives can consult on designed materials that your department wishes to develop. Depending on the scope of the project, we can provide editing and graphic design support and help obtain printing cost estimates.

Requests for printed materials should be made over two weeks in advance of the date needed in hand.

Please contact Paulina Laroya or Ross French via email for more information. If you simply need a logo file for branded items ordered through a vendor, refer to our Branded Items page.

UCR Branded Letterhead

Download the official UCR School of Medicine branded letterhead. Please note that we cannot provide department-specific customization for the letterhead.

If you want to order printed envelopes or letterheads, complete the UCR Stationery Request Form.

PowerPoint Template

Visit the PowerPoint Template page to download the UCR SOM-branded template.

Document Template

This Microsoft Word Report template may be used for proposals and reports, complete with formatting of headers and subheaders and instructions on how to use the file. For assistance with the template or assistance in creation of a title page, please contact Paulina Laroya.


  • The photo can be replaced with any photo that is of a high enough resolution.
  • The template requires that the font “Oswald” is installed to any computer using the document. If you do not have the font, you can download it at If you are using a UCR computer, you will need the assistance of the IT Helpdesk to install it.