Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Sciences Divisional Support Request Form

The purpose of this form is to request for administrative, equipment, fund, event support or other types of support/ assistance from the Division of Biomedical Sciences. This form is for pre-approval of support.

Application and required documents must be submitted at least six weeks before the intended use, but earlier submission is encouraged to ensure there is time for to address issues arising after initial review by the division’s Space & Finance Committee and bodies relevant to each request.

Travel & Entertainment Card Acknowledgement Form

This form is required to be completed and signed by all Division of Biomedical Sciences employees as part of the application for the U.S. Bank Travel & Entertainment Corporate Visa Card that UCR has made available to all active employees.

Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Card Checklist

  1. Review UCR policy on the T&E card.
  2. Review UCR Faculty Guidance on the T&E card.
  3. Complete the required online T&E Card training.
  4. Download and sign Division of Biomedical Sciences T&E acknowledgement form.
  5. Be an employee in good standing with UCR, SOM and Division of Biomedical Sciences i.e., completed all required trainings and satisfy all commitments and obligations to UCR, SOM and the Division of Biomedical Sciences.