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Upcoming SOM Events on UCR Campus Calendar


Upcoming Major SOM Events

Listed below are major upcoming events in the School of Medicine. This list is provided for scheduling and reference purposes. A comprehensive calendar of classes and events is available here.

The College Tour filming on campus
UCR to appear on “The College Tour” television series
UC Riverside will be showcased in an upcoming episode of “The College Tour,” a television series that profiles campuses through student stories and is available on Amazon Prime and many other streaming platforms. A television crew completed a week of filming across multiple campus locations that included interviews with 10 students in late July. 
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Dr. Tiwari-Woodruff at a lab computer with a student
The Search for a Multiple Sclerosis Treatment in Riverside
There’s currently no effective treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS), but Seema Tiwari-Woodruff, Ph.D. , the director of UCR's Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, may be well on her way to finding one.
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Kimberley Lakes
Grant aims to improve access to behavioral health education and prevention services in Coachella Valley
School of Medicine’s Kimberley Lakes is the grant’s principal investigator
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Dr. Heinrich in her lab
High-altitude Researcher Applies Findings to COVID-19
What can people living in the mountains of Peru teach us about people dealing with COVID-19 related oxygen deficiency? Actually, quite a bit. High-altitude exposure leads to hypoxia, or low levels of oxygen in the body—a condition that’s present in COVID-19 and many other medical conditions. Erica Heinrich, Ph.D., an assistant professor of biomedical sciences, studies the body’s adaptations to oxygen limitation to learn more about hypoxia-related diseases.
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Children playing
Children and adolescents were 20% less physically active during COVID-19 pandemic
Meta-analysis paper calls for targeted public health initiatives to address the crisis
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Bahrain rewards clinical professor with medal for COVID-19 policy
Dr. Roger Seheult, an associate clinical professor of internal medicine in the UCR School of Medicine and a UCR alumnus, has been awarded the Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa Medical Merit Medal for helping put together a COVID-19 policy, including testing and early treatment, for the Kingdom of Bahrain.
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Graduate student receives predoctoral fellowship for epilepsy research
Andrew Huang, a biomedical sciences graduate student at UC Riverside, has been awarded a one-year American Epilepsy Society Predoctoral Research Fellowship.  The $30,000 award includes $1,000 for Huang to use as travel funds to attend the annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society in December 2022. He will also receive a complimentary membership to the society for a year, giving him access to online education content as well as professional development resources.
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UCR medical students
New pathway facilitates community college students joining UC Riverside medical school
The School of Medicine at the University of California, Riverside, has received a grant of $1.87 million to establish the Inland Empire Regional Hub for Healthcare Opportunity, or IE RHHO, which will create a pre-med pathway for local community college students.
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Building Emergency Plans

Building Emergency Plans (BEP) provide information about what to do when there is an emergency in your building – where to go, who to call, where to find emergency equipment and supplies. You are encouraged to review these documents, as well as the campus-wide emergency procedures, in order ensure you have all the necessary information to safely deal with an emergency.